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 Report 115 City of Windsor Cat/Dog Ban Meeting Dec 10/07

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Big Dog
Big Dog

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PostSubject: Report 115 City of Windsor Cat/Dog Ban Meeting Dec 10/07   Thu Dec 06, 2007 1:21 pm

I found this very interesting when I seen it. It is a cross post from, I think the same site as estos post.
There seem to be a few of us on here under different names. My user name is basically the same.

On Dec 19, 2007 Report 115 will be submitted to City Council from the city licensing commission to support the following:

i) That the license commissioner be directed to emend Schedule P1 to Licensing By-Law 395-2004 to establish stricter sanctions on Pet Shop Owners, where the Windsor Essex Country Humane Society places an order on the premises or finds an animal in distress, these licenses be forwarded to the Windsor Licensing Commission for suspension or revocation of thier Lilcense and /or,

ii) That the License Comissioner be directed to implement a stricter enforcement regime with respect to Pet Shops. That an annual inspection form be completed by a compliance and enforcement officer prior to the renewal of the License, and /or,

iii) That the License Commissioner be directed to amend sections 10 and 11 of Schedule P1 to Licensing By-Law 395-2004, pertaining to the register, to add cats, and further the following provisions be added:

" Every Licensed of a Pet Shop must have entered into written agreements with Veterinarians to facilitate on call service for emergency veterinary treatment and humane euthanasia of any animal kept for sale or display by the Pet Shop, and these treatments must be made available upon request of the License Commissioner"

iv) That the License Commissioner be directed to amend P1 to Licensing By-Law 395-2004 to ban any new pet shops from the selling of dogs and cars, and that the existing pet shops be grandfathered.

v) That the License Commissioner be directed to implement a program to license cats within the City of Windsor, with the provision that all cats must also be spayed/neutered.

What will this mean to the residents of the City Of Windsor ?

1) Only existing pet stores in the city will be allowed to sell a cat/dog and no competing stores can ever sell cats/dogs. This will inevitably do one of two things, the current pet stores will undoubtedly raise thier prices to offset the increased costs of better caring for the animals while in the Pet Store and secondly, create a larger demand on BYB's for cheaper animals.

2) This will also eventually drive new business out of Windsor to Tecumseh or Essex who already benefit from the current Exotic Pet Ban within the City.

3) Will eventually only allow the Windsor Humane Society to sell cats/dogs as the current store owners get older and retire the sale of the store will not allow the store buyers to continue to sell dogs/cats so in future, ONLY the Windsor Humane Society will be allowed to sell these pets causing a monopoly within the market.

4) This recommended Ammendment also gives the Windsor Humane Society governing control over parallel businesses in that they can intentionally drive thier competitors out of business by completely unscroupulous inspections and seizures as done numberous times in the past.

The recommended bylaw changes as they are presented are unacceptable although some of the changes would definately benefit animal care, the cost of increased care would reflect on pet store owners and the empowerment of the WHS to enforce these changes would allow for an unfair competitive advantage of the WHS.


Originally Posted by Ont_Ltd.
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House Broken
House Broken

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PostSubject: Re: Report 115 City of Windsor Cat/Dog Ban Meeting Dec 10/07   Wed Dec 12, 2007 1:02 am

Shocked Shocked Shocked Shocked What a Face What a Face What a Face

I don't thing those are very good changes for all the reasons listed at the end of the article .... I don't like too many cooks in the kitchen so to speak.
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Report 115 City of Windsor Cat/Dog Ban Meeting Dec 10/07
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