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 Burned Dog

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House Broken
House Broken

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PostSubject: Burned Dog   Burned Dog Icon_minitimeSat Dec 15, 2007 1:56 pm

I came across the video below & then went to the website & red the article. It sounds like the salons shampoo mixing machine is on the frits & the product & machine should have been inspected. I feel so bad for the poor dog & the owner & the salon should have owned up the responsibility. I find it very doubtful it is due to something that happened before the dog arrived since I'm sure the employee would have noticed before bathing her.

I have pasted the short article below, but if you wanted to see the pictures, go to this link since they are pretty graphic.

Dog brutality

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Owner Says Dog Burned By Groomer (Warning: Disturbing Images Included)
Tuesday, Dec 11, 2007 By Kristen Nastasia

The poodle's owner says the dog was fine when she left the house for a day at the groomer's, but by the end of the day the poodle Buttons was hurting so badly She had to be put to sleep.

It hasn't even been a day for Jean Braley without her best friend.

"I'm sorry, but I'm angry I'm upset and I'm hurt," said dog owner Jean Braley.

The kind of pain that doesn't go away very quickly. She took her poodle Buttons to get groomed and ended up with only 15 years of memories.

"She was in pain, she was lethargic, she was listless."

After talking with her vet Jean decided to have Buttons put to sleep. Treatment would have been too painful. "60% of her body is burned. No hair, no nothing."

According to the vet's report the dog was burned. Jean says she immediately confronted Sandra at her Pooch Parlor in Mauldin.

"When she brought my dog out to me, my dog looked like a piece of meat," said Braley.

"She literally oozed all over my clothes yesterday because she just didn't have any skin in some spots."

But with a license and 13 years of grooming experience. "I've never had this problem before."

Sandra Henderson says she is also shocked and hurt by what happened to Buttons.

"I've got a clear conscience. I've done nothing wrong," said Henderson

Sandra says she doesn't use heat in her shop and Buttons didn't touch any chemicals. Just the usual shampoo from a mixing machine.

"It's the same shampoo Iíve used on 300 customers and Iíve never had this kind of reaction."

She feels like it has something to do with the condition of the dog when she arrived.

"The only reason Iím doing this is only because I don't want this to happen to their dog. I don't want their dog to go thru what my dog went thru and I don't want them to gone thru what Iíve gone thru," said Braley.

The pain of a lonely house without her best friend.

We contacted the vet who treated Buttons, but couldn't get any additional info due to privacy laws. We also checked with the Better Business Bureau, and didn't find any other complaints against Sandraís Pooch Parlor.
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Ankle Biter
Ankle Biter

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PostSubject: Re: Burned Dog   Burned Dog Icon_minitimeWed Jan 16, 2008 1:37 am

That's terrible, I feel bad for the woman who lost her dog.
who knows what really happened.
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New Forum Member
New Forum Member

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PostSubject: Re: Burned Dog   Burned Dog Icon_minitimeThu Oct 15, 2009 4:58 am

I am very sorry for the death of the dog and for the lady who lossed it. I pay my condolences to the lady. May God keep the soul of the dog in entire peace. sympathy messages example
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New Forum Member
New Forum Member

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PostSubject: Re: Burned Dog   Burned Dog Icon_minitimeWed Nov 25, 2009 3:35 am

This video really annoying, hope I can help with this simple tips:
Burns can be quite serious in dogs and typically should be observed by a veterinarian. For temporary burn relief, clean the wound by flushing it with water, only if cleaning is needed. Gently apply a cool compress or ice pack wrapped in a clean soft towel. Cover the burn in clean moistened gauze and keep it in place with an ace bandage. Burns can lead to tissue damage and disruption of the of the blood supply to a burned area, so it is essential that severe burns be monitored by a vet.

Outside of a dog, a book is man's best friend. Inside of a dog it's too dark to read.

Frontline Spray and Drontal Plus Veterinary Supplier
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PostSubject: Re: Burned Dog   Burned Dog Icon_minitime

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Burned Dog
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