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 Ontario SPCA seizes and kills Arko

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Ontario SPCA seizes and kills Arko Empty
PostSubject: Ontario SPCA seizes and kills Arko   Ontario SPCA seizes and kills Arko Icon_minitimeWed Dec 26, 2007 5:58 pm

The Animal Advocates Society WatchDog News
Ontario SPCA seizes and kills Arko: Crown drops charges BEFORE THE DEFENCE CAN BE HEARD!

Posted By: Sunny Reuter
Date: Thursday, 5 May 2005, at 1:12 p.m.

My name is Sunny Reuter, I live in Richmond Hill, Ontario.

My tagged dog was seized from a boarding kennel in Schomberg, Ontario and euthanized by the OSPCA August 8 2003.

The kennel owner, Renate Begemann of Holidog Inn, was charged with 10 criminal counts by the OSPCA. My dog Arko represented two of these charges.

I was outraged at the actions of the OSPCA - they denied an appeal of the seizure, refused to speak to my vet. The kennel owner tried desperately to communicate to the OSPCA that Arko was a twelve and half year old rare breed Turkish Akbash livestock protection dog whose owner was on vacation.

Upon my return I was refused access to my dog by the OSPCA and threatened with criminal charges - they did not even know if he was still alive.

It turns out he was euthanized evening August 8th - I returned midnight August 8th - I just missed him.

My attempt on August 14th, 2003 to drop off Arko's veterinary records to the OSPCA (they were threatening to lay criminal charges against me) to the head of investigations for Ontario, Mr. Mike Draper, was refused. He declined to accept any information that could have assisted them in knowing Arko's story.

Arko's vet, Dr. Tarable, of the Arnold Crescent Animal Hospital in Richmond Hill, made several attempts to contact the OSPCA.

My attorney, Mr. Honickman, wrote a letter. I have never received an acknowledgement an error was made - nor was Arko's collar ever returned. On the stand, an OSPCA investigator admitted tearfully she still had Arko's collar and a piece of his fur in her desk drawer stating Chief Inspector Mike Draper refused to release these to me.

Two days ago on May 3rd, 2005, in Newmarket Ontario, the Crown/OSPCA suddenly dropped all charges mid trial BEFORE THE DEFENSE WAS LAUNCHED.

The lawyer is Mr. Lorne Honickman. Mr. Honickman is representing the kennel owner, Renate Begemann and me. A transcript of this trial exists.

Your BC cases have been a real blessing to me. Thank you for creating & maintaining this website.

I have several other Ontario cases - each more horrific than the last. FYI I enclose articles from Better Farming magazine.

Sunny Reuter

Ontario SPCA seizes and kills Arko Mybann10
Ontario SPCA seizes and kills Arko Neuter10
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Ontario SPCA seizes and kills Arko
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