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 "Central Valley Hounds"

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James Hall Sr
New Born Pup
New Born Pup

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PostSubject: "Central Valley Hounds"   Wed Feb 06, 2008 2:18 am

CVH is a rather small kennel offering only old fashion Hounds with high quality breeding. We have Redbones, Gascon Bleu Ticks, And Now Majestics Tree Hounds. Our mission is to thin out the unpure of pures. A long time ago hounds were used and treated with care and thaught to be a way of life. That being said over the years folks have lost track of the true meaning of a solid hound with a nose colder than the north pole. We will never do any Breeding here that dont include a Old Fashion Strain of Hound. The ears on a hound in our eyes are supposed to be lower set and long.

So If you are looking to make a hound a part of the family look into what we may have or have coming up. You will not be sorry. You can reach us @ 209-230-4738 We are located in Central Ca. US. We will ship but its a touchy subject.
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"Central Valley Hounds"
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