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PostSubject: Breeders   Breeders Icon_minitimeTue Oct 18, 2011 2:27 pm

Just a response to something I had seen previously.
I didn't see a phone number on Keystone k9's website. How did you call?
It doesn't look like they have many litters either and don't some breeders find homes for dogs that if they're owners can't take care of them any more, you know if the owners have financial problems, have a baby, get divorced, or if the owners end up with a heath problem and can't care for the dog any more.
The first person I would go to would be the breeder I got the dog from, so I wouldn't have to take my dog to a shelter or put an ad in the paper to find some one that would take good care of my dog.
The breeder would have people already wanting that know and want the breed, you would think.
and I would think and hope the breeder cares for my dog to some degree because it came from them.
This is just how I think and my opinion.
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